My Philosophy

My Philosophy and my journey with homoeopthy

The meaning of “dis-ease” and learning to understand the language of the body

Many great physicians, philosophers and spiritual leaders have come to teach us that illness is not just the mere development of random symptoms but an expression of an autonomous living, something that possesses its own intelligence and has its origins in our subconscious mind.

Any physical, mental or emotional form of illness therefore contains the great gift to help us recognise that somewhere within the depth of our psyche there has been a source of disharmony that has become so “loud” that it has produced symptoms of ill-health in our bodies. Healing the discord that this subconscious dynamic has created within us will be the first and foremost step in reversing the disease process as it alleviates the stress that the dissonance has had on our vital force.

The homoeopathic case taking process, as it is applied in the “Sensation Method”, can open up a beautiful space that helps us understand the language that the subconscious speaks. It can assist to bring clarity to the individual patterns and dynamic forces that are at play and that have resulted in the manifestation of a physical, mental or emotional ailment.

The perception of our reality is determined not so much by what objectively happens to us, but by the subjective and often subconscious beliefs we carry about ourselves and the world we live in. At the very core of our human experience we find a unique inner dynamic (vital sensation) that we have borrowed from nature and that plays out of tune with our human experience. In accordance with the laws of homoeopathy we can treat this inner disharmony with a matching homoeopathic medicine which will act as a bridge to help restore the health of our vital force and create a harmony between the inner and the outer.

Becoming a witness to one’s own inner patterns contains the offering to recognise thought processes and influences that are creating an internal stress and that are not working for one’s higher good.

For me, the true meaning of disease and perhaps its greatest gift lies within its potential to open up a space within ourselves from where we can learn more about who we truly are, and how we can let go of that what we are not.

I treasure homoeopathy as an incredibly beautiful healing art that can initiate this inner process of change that ultimately no one can do for us but that we have to allow from within.

“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anaïs Nin

Following our higher purpose

As we are moving through life we collectively undergo various stages of human development. It is an inner process that starts at our conception and ends perhaps with the last breath that we take.

From being a foetus in our mother’s womb we experience our birth, learn to feed ourselves, find our feet, find out about “who” we are, where our place is within a family and later a group. We learn how to meet our own needs emotionally and financially, tap into our creativity, move towards becoming a leader/elder before surrendering to a process that requires us to ultimately let go.

In any given stage of this development we can get “stuck”, meaning we may not be able to integrate the lesson that has been presented to us.

Being “stuck” creates a disharmony that may over time manifest as illness.

The opposite state is being in our flow. Being in our flow means that we are able to tap into and connect with the creative force that governs all of life, supports our inner development and ultimately infuses our own life with a sense of higher purpose and meaning. In this state we are deeply connected to all of life and ultimately to ourselves.

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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